The National Safety Authority (NSA) warned, Monday, farmers, peasants and public of Libya’s eastern region of high temperature and speedy winds.

The department warned that bad weather conditions could led to the outbreak of fires that rapidly spread to agricultural crops, grass and weeds.

It advised the public to observe public safety guidelines to avoid such fires.

In this context, NSA reported that it had put out a fire that broke out in Dabousiya forest on the outskirts of Al-Qubba city in Jabal Al-Akhdar, praising efforts of firefighters in Al-Qubba, Derna and Al-Abraq who participated and controlled the fire.

NSA personnel were also able last Sunday to extinguish a fire at the main warehouse of Al-Qardabiya shopping compound in Sirte. The compound contained tons of foodstuffs, juices, and other commodities and cleaning materials.

 It was not clear what caused the fire, but only material losses were reported, according to NSA statement.