Oil Minister in the ex-National Salvation Government has said he would file a complaint in the Administrative Court against Prime Minister Khalifa Al-Ghawiel over a number of illegal administrative procedures.

Minister Mashallah Al-Zwai told Press Solidarity that Al-Ghawiel's NSG government had received LYD 1 billion; LYD 430 million of which have been already disbursed but  without documentation.

"LYD 370 million was transferred to the Supervisory Board, and 50 others to the General Staff." He said.

He also accused Prime Minister Al-Ghawiel of marginalizing the role of government ministers.

"We have been calling on the Prime Minister to convene a meeting with the General National Congress, but without a response.” He said.

Prime Minister Al-Ghawiel reshuffled his cabinet last week, reducing the government to 12 portfolios. The Oil Ministry was cancelled in the new government and its duties were transferred to the National Oil Corporation.