Oil Minister of Government of National Unity, Mohamed Aoun, has appealed to the Administrative Control Authority for urgent intervention to enable him assume his duties at the ministry.

He complained against the Oil Ministry’s Undersecretary-General, who was designated by Head of GNU Abdulhamid Dbeibah, as Oil Minister, describing such action as violating legislations and laws in force.

Aoun's letter to the head of the Administrative Control Authority clarified that Khalifa Abdel Sadiq, Undersecretary General of the Ministry of Oil, violated applicable decisions and legislation.

Aoun pointed out that Resolution No. 492 / 2024 was issued by the Administrative Control Authority to lift his precautionary suspension from work, following the Resolution No. 347 / 2024 dated March 25 that provided for his suspension provisionally as oil minister.

Minister of Oil confirmed that Khalifa Abdel Sadiq, Undersecretary of the Ministry, is still continuing to assume the minister’s powers and issue decisions in the capacity of the designated Minister of Oil, creating conflict, and duplication of decisions in the work of the Oil Ministry.

When Khalifa Abdel-Sadiq assumed the duties of the Ministry, he disqualified two director generals and other employees, and the work of the Gas Burning Committee was hampered, as well as ending the secondment of Director General of Quality, Health and Environmental Safety Department, according to Aoun’s letter.

Aoun said that the duties of the temporarily appointed Minister of Oil is confined to running day- to-day affairs of the ministry, which has been the administrative norm for decades.