Clashes erupted in the city of Sirte east of Tripoli on Wednesday between the pro-Haftar militia (166 Brigade) and members from the Kani militia who fled Tarhouna city after its liberation last June, Spokesman of the Sirte-Jufra Operations Room, Abdul Hadi Darah confirmed yesterday.

According to Darah, a member of the Kani militia was killed and four others injured when the two sides exchanged fire with light and medium weapons.

"The 166 Brigade loyal to Haftar launched an attack on Al-Kani positions and other fighters from the Warshafana area who fought alongside Haftar in his war against Tripoli," Darah explained.

He indicated that the situation inside Sirte is still tense, with the whole area closed by the Military Police and members of the 128th and 166th Brigade belonging to Haftar, including the Ibn Sina Hospital.

The Volcano f Rage Operation posted a video clip from inside Sirte, showing smoke billowing into the sky above the area known as District No. 2, while the exchange of fire can be heard.