The Libyan political agreement is ready, the Chief of the UNSMIL announced in Skhirat on Monday.

Bernardino Leon said in a press conference that the latest draft agreement is final and called all Libyan parties to approve it.

"Now it is up to the parties, up to the participants in the dialogue to react to this text, but not in terms of adding more comments or getting back with something to negotiate." He said.

Leon confirmed that all parties will be back to Skhirat after Eid vacation to discuss names for the unity government.

He also set October 20 as a deadline for all parties to solve the Libyan political crisis.

Meanwhile, GNC dialogue team member Mohammed Amari said a significant progress in the dialogue process has been achieved.

Speaking to journalists at the end of Skhirat round, Amari hailed as positive the final UNSMIL draft agreement, pointing out that most of GNC concerns were met.

 "We will go back to Skhirat after Eid to continue the talks." Amri added.