Five Libyan Army fighters have been killed in what is believed to be Russian warplanes' strikes on Monday, in addition to seven other civilians from one family killed in a strike on their house in Jarif town near Sirte.

A source from Libyan Army said MiG 29 warplane, which Russia gave to Haftar recently, had raided Libyan Army positions in western Sirte, targeting several vehicles, including one ambulance, and killed five people - paramedics included.

Another strike by the MiG 29 hit a house of Al-Nibsha family in Jarif town, which GNA forces entered on Sunday, and the airstrike killed seven members of the family.

Foreign warplanes in support of Haftar have been active since Monday morning in Sirte skies and they targeted as well a field hospital in Abu Grein town.

Meanwhile, Libyan Army forces were still reinforcing their capabilities in west Sirte frontlines to kick off the second stage of Doroob Al-Nasser (Victory Paths) Operation to liberate Sirte and then Jufra as per statements by the commander of Sirte-Jufra Liberation Room Ibrahim Baytalmal.

Libyan Army has now seized over 110 km in western Sirte since last Saturday, liberating Al-Wishka and Buwairat Hassoun and Steam Power Plant; 30 km to the west of Sirte.