Members of National Forces Alliance, who walked out of GNC in 2014 following the election of Tobruk Parliament, have decided to set up a parallel State Council rival to the official one in Tripoli, a step that will add to the ongoing political chaos in Libya.

Tawfik Al-Shahaibi said members of 94 bloc, a former GNC group composed of members of National Forces Alliance and their independent allies, are due to hold a consultative meeting of State Council in Benghazi.

He added that the official council meetings will be convened after the amendment of the constitutional declaration by the House of Representatives.

Tobruk Parliament and Mahmud Jibreel-led National Forces Alliance have already rejected the amendment made by the State Council to the constitutional declaration saying it was illegal.

UAE-directed Mahmud Jibreel sent a letter to the UN Chief in Libya Martin Kobler Wednesday to express rejection to the constitutional amendment by State Council and meetings of Presidency Council.

"The meeting of State Council and the amendment to the constitutional declaration is a blatant violation of the political agreement." The letter reads.

"The meeting of Presidency Council before parliament approval is provoking and disrespect for the terms of the agreement," Jibreel adds.

He asked Kobler to call for an urgent meeting of members of the Libyan political dialogue to address these matters.

Analysts say Mahmud Jibreel is attempting to muddle up the situation to seek more power both in the Presidency Council and State Council after allegations were made that both bodies are dominated by Justice and Construction Party of the Muslim Brotherhood, the main rival to Jibreel's party.