A Libyan delegation from Fezzan is visiting France to prepare for a conference, which central objective is to propose a federation of the three regions of Tripolitania, Cyrenaica, and Fezzan, the French website, Mondafrique, revealed on Saturday.

The website disclosed that a group of 11 people representing the southern region are currently in France to lead a conference coordinated by Ali Zidane, who is close to French interests in Libya with the support of Mansour Seif Al Nasr, former ambassador of Libya to France.

The report brought into question the reaction of regional and international powers to 'this French maneuver,' including the EU, US, Algeria, and Egypt, besides Russia and Turkey's positions towards the initiative.

As Mondafrique puts it, France is eyeing a risky solution in Libya that is not unanimous, either inside or outside the country, taking advantage of the world's focused attention on the war in Ukraine.

It noted that neither of the belligerent parties, including the UN-backed Government of National Unity and Khalifa Haftar in the east, commented on the initiative, indicating that Russia and Turkey, who both have troops on the Libyan territory, had no links with the French project.

The website hinted at France's old ambition to integrate the Sahara region into its colonial empire in Africa.

"The French dream to incorporate this immense Saharan territory goes back to 1942 when occupied by the troops of General Leclerc, and then the peace treaty with Italy on February 10, 1947 (France, United Kingdom, USSR, United States)."

The treaty obliged France to recognize the integration of Fezzan into the new independent and sovereign state next to Tripolitania and Cyrenaica on December 24, 1951.

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