PC bans military leaders from traveling abroad without permission 

PC bans military leaders from traveling abroad without permission 

April 20, 2021 - 01:41
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Written By: SafaAlharathy

The Presidential Council, in its capacity as the Supreme Commander of the Army, has issued an order prohibiting officers occupying leadership positions in the army from traveling abroad only with prior permission from the Supreme Commander, regardless of the reasons of the trip.

The decision, issued on the 8th of April and released yesterday, stated that "except for military leadership positions, all military personnel should seek travel permission from the Military Intelligence Department per the established procedures."

The PC said that some officers had held meetings inside and outside the country, and others communicated with media outlets and gave press statements of political nature without permission. "This is beyond the army's purview, as the army should distance itself from any conflicts whatsoever," the PC explained.

The Supreme Commander of the Army emphasized that the army is not permitted to take such actions underscoring that they are punishable by law under the Military Penalties Law and the Libyan Army Service Law.

"It also affects the integrity of the state and undermines its security, national sovereignty, and social fabric. It is considered a deviation from the military's role and a breach of the established principles of democracy," the decision stated.

The PC called for adherence to what was stated in the decision, directing the relevant authorities to implement this decision strictly and inform the Military Public Prosecutor of any violation in order to take legal measures.