The Deputy Head of the UN-proposed government’s Presidential Council, Mousa Al-Kouni, has resigned from his post.

“I hereby announce my resignation for the Libyan people because I have failed and hence I apologize for my failure.” Al-Kouni said in a press conference on Monday evening.

Seemingly shaken by his words, Al-Kouni stressed that the Presidential Council (PC) failed to do its job in solving the political and economic crises or the daily issues suffered by Libyans, pointing out that it had failed to control the country.

“The Libyan Political Agreement is impossible to implement.” Al-Kouni remarked.

He also said no political party has ever provided any kind of assistance to the PC in uniting the state institutions, adding that the PC is not one solid unit and that is clear from its decisions.

Al-Kouni added that his resignation was also prompted by the PC’s failure to provide support for the war-stricken areas in Libya, saying, “everyone is ruling Libya” and “the PC is ruling this country just by appearance.”

“Being unable to help people reduce their suffering made me resign, this crisis is putting Libyans into a crisis, I vowed to help them out of it, but I couldn’t.” He tweeted.

The PC spokesman, Ashraf Al-Thalthi, said the PC is trying hard to make Al-Kouni change his mind and remain in his post, adding that his words represents him alone.