Abdullah Al-Lafi, a member of the Presidential Council, in the capacity of the Supreme Commander of the Libyan Army on Wednesday, participated in the Forum of the Parliament's Defence and National Security Committee in Tripoli.

Among the chief guests were First Deputy Speaker of Parliament Fawzi al-Nuwairi, MP's, members of the Defence and National Security Committee, commanders of the military regions, and members of the 5 + 5 Joint Military Committee.

In the final statement, the participants emphasized that unifying the military institution is essential for the success of the upcoming elections.

The statement expressed reservations about any outputs that may result from the meetings held in Geneva regarding creating a distorted constitutional base that does not meet the aspirations of the Libyan people and does not preserve the democratic and constitutional path.

"Any delay in implementing the measures to unify the military institution and build confidence is unacceptable," the statement says, calling on the concerned authorities to take deterrent action against all those who obstruct the efforts in this regard.

At another level, the statement stressed that ending the conflict situation and excluding war once and for all is an indisputable option and a national goal.

Any internal or external actors that prevent this are an enemy of the Libyan people, and there must be political, legal, and military measures to confront them, according to the statement.