The Presidential Council (PC) has decided to postpone the appointment of a new commander for the Tripoli Military District.

The PC information office said that the Director of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief Office of the Libyan Army, Salah Omran Younis directed a letter to Major General Abdel Qader Mansour to inform him of the postponement of Resolution No. 55 of 2021 regarding his appointment as commander of the Tripoli Military District until further notice, based on the instructions of the PC, in his capacity as Supreme Commander of the Army.

In mid-December, the Presidential Council announced the appointment of Major General Abdel Qader Mansour as commander of the Tripoli Military District, succeeding the previous commander, Abdel Baset Marwan.

Meanwhile, the capital Tripoli experienced a state of tension during the past few days, including military vehicles roaming the streets and earth berms established in several parts, especially in the southern suburbs.

Conflicting reports cited that the military mobilization was either to protest the PC decision that dismissed the Tripoli Military Zone Commander Abdel Baset Marwan or a show of force to send a message that any power-sharing deals with Khalifa Haftar are forbidden.

On Tuesday, yesterday's enemies, including presidential candidates ex-Interior Minister Fathi Bashagha and former Deputy Prime Minister Ahmed Maiteeq, traveled to Benghazi to meet Khalifa Haftar, who is also seeking the presidency.