Muhammad Menfi, Head of the Presidential Council, reiterated on Saturday the PC's commitment to advancing the political process by encouraging all parties to agree on a legal framework for the electoral process.

In a meeting with a group of sheiks and dignitaries from different regions of Libya, Menfi reviewed several issues, foremost of which was national reconciliation and the political challenges at this current stage.

A statement by the PC media office said Menfi praised the sheiks and dignitaries and their role in supporting state institutions, stressing the need for their active participation in the success of the national reconciliation project and achieving stability in the country.

For their part, the notables stressed the importance of national reconciliation to maintain social peace and the country's security and unity, expressing their readiness to be part of this plan to overcome the current deadlock.

They commended the PC's efforts in this regard as they stressed the need to give precedence to the voice of reason, to end all transitional stages by holding parliamentary and presidential elections simultaneously and as soon as possible.