The Presidential Council (PC) has directed the Chief of General Staff to follow up on the recent events in Tripoli and to work to maintain security and stability in the region, Spokeswoman for the Presidential Council (PC), Najwa Wahiba, has confirmed.

"The Presidential Council, in its capacity as the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, issued strict orders to all military units not to move without prior orders," the PC spokeswoman said.

She explained that the PC considers the problem a political issue and, as such, it can only be solved politically.

Wahiba indicated that the council had requested the UN mission to inform it of the results of the Cairo talks and that it hopes that the consultations will lead to satisfactory results.

She said the PC deems the solution to the country's crisis to be consensual among all parties away from any armed clash.

The Presidential Council was found to be part of the solution and stand at the same distance and not align with one party over the other," Wahiba said, renewing the PC's calls to maintain the peaceful climate that Libya has achieved so far.