A peace deal was signed between Al-Zawiya and Wirshiffana on Thursday. The deal aims to end hostilities and bring peace to the two neighbouring regions.

According to the deal, signed in Bir Al-Ghanem town, a ceasefire would be declared and the two sides keep their forces 4km away from both territories.

Both sides also agreed to exchange of prisoners and stop identity-based arrest.

They also agreed to form a committee of local and international experts to investigate the circumstances of the helicopter downing and punish the penetrators.

Observers fear that the deal would not stand long because of Wirshiffana highway bandits who are difficult to control. The bandits, mostly from the so-called the Tribes Army, have become using abduction for business.  

Many innocent people were kidnapped on the highway between Tripoli and Al-Zawiya, and only were released after hundreds of thousands of dinars were paid as ransom.