The Petroleum Facilities Guard (PFG) has condemned the closure of the Zawiya refinery after a group of "outlaws" shut down the Rayana feeding valve, reiterating that those who carried out such acts do not represent the PFG.

In a statement, the PFG expressed its bewilderment at the timing of the incident as crude prices are surging in the wake of the Russian-Ukrainian war. It said it refuses to be a reason for suspending oil production at such time.

Claims regarding nonpayment or the delay of salaries to the facilities guards are baseless, the PFG said. "The salaries of January were disbursed to all employees without delay".

It called on all parties that have demands to resort to the law, vowing to take all legal and judicial measures against those who harm the livelihood of the Libyans, as he put it.

The shutdown of the valve feeding the Zawiya refinery and port will disrupt production in El Sharara and El Feel fields and reduce the country's oil production by nearly a third.