Forces of Ibrahim Jodran's so-called Petroleum Facilities Guard have launched a counter attack on Dignity Operation militia groups in the oil crescent region to regain control of the oil terminals, which they lost last week.

Backed by other rival groups to Dignity Operation, the PFG advanced from Nofaliya town towards the oil terminals early on Sunday under a military operation called "Dispersive Illusion." As soon as they approached Sidra oil terminal, fierce clashes erupted with Dignity Operation militias who later fled the scene and withdrew to Ras Lanuf, around 30 km east of Sidra.

There are reports that an oil storage tank in Sidra has engulfed in flames due to the clashes.

The PFG continued their advance eastward and seized Ras Lanuf oil terminals.

Reports say some Dignity Operation militias have fled to the desert while others escaped to Brega and Zuwetina oil terminals.

Meanwhile, Dignity Operation intensified airstrikes against Ibrahim Jodran's forces to repel them from the oil crescent region. 

Last week, Dignity Operation militias, backed by rebel groups from Sudan and Chad, seized Libya’s major oil terminals in the oil crescent region.