Prime Minister of Salvation Government Khalifa Al-Ghawiel has strongly deplored the personal actions of the Head of the UNSMIL Bernardino Leon in dealing with the Libyan crisis.

In a message to the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, Al-Ghawiel complained about Leon's "immense irregularities" accusing him of dividing Libyans and disintegrating the social fabric of the society.

"He (Leon) is biased; he ignores the ABCs of dealing with crises." He protested.

Al-Ghaweil considered Leon’s contacts with military leaders, revolutionaries, municipal councils and women's organizations in Libya without coordination with the official authorities in the state a flagrant violation of international conventions and commitments governing the relationship between the states and the UN.   

According to the message, these contacts disrupted the political scene and widened the gap between the negotiating parties.

 He also urged Ban Ki-moon to immediately intervene to stop what he described as the systematic policy of his Special Envoy to Libya.