Prime Minister of Salvation Government, Khalifa Al-Ghweil, has denounced the General National Congress’s dialogue team’s continuation to deal with the UNSMIL’s draft agreement, which he said, contradicts the national constants and 17 February revolution principles.

Al-Ghweil, in an SG statement on Tuesday, said he is sorry for the hasty decisions made by some of the GNC members and its dialogue team as they went for approving the draft without taking into account the intentional military escalation practiced by the coup plotters in Benghazi, calling for suspension of dialogue till the attacks on Benghazi, Derna, Al-Kufra, and Obari stop. 

"The SG has come to grips with the fact that the dialogue track, sponsored by the UNSMIL, has swerved way too far from achieving the interests of Libyans who aspire for stability that sets up for building a civilized state.” Al-Ghweil went on.

He added that the SG wants to support the dialogue depending on right principles that can guarantee reaching agreements that are applicable and non-contradictory with the Libyan judiciary rulings.

Al-Ghweil concluded by calling for formation of a team from the elders of different cities and towns around Libya to start with a direct Libyan-Libyan dialogue that allows all parties to reach an agreement.