The Prime Minister of the Salvation Government, Khalifa Al-Ghweil, has described the behavior of the UN envoy to Libya, Martin Kobler, as the behavior of the destruction godfather and not that of a Head of UNSMIL.

PM Al-Ghweil said, in a meeting for the SG ministers Wednesday, that reinforcing the "accord government" entrance to Tripoli without the permission and agreement of the legislative authorities in Libya manifests the end of democracy.

He also called on the Head of the Presidential Council , Fayez Al-Sirraj, to be committed to the parliamentary procedures and thus draw the line in front of those who threaten the security of the country.

On the other hand, the Foreign Minister of the SG, Ali Abu Zakouk, said in a presser following the meeting that the SG had decided to put off the visit of the UN envoy, Kobler, to Tripoli to next Monday on the condition that he would not meet with any other parties during his visit.

Abu Zakouk decried the continuous efforts that aim at making Libyans succumb to the imposing of a non-accord government by taking advantage of their needs in very systematic ways.

"We understand that some parties want to create a real stability in Libya, but such stability cannot be achieved through reliance on foreigners or at the expense of Libya's sovereignty." Abu Zakouk indicated.

He also denounced the sanctions that the EU has used as a threat against some figures , saying that imposing sanctions on Libyan patriotic figures does not help create an environment for negotiations or dialogue with international stakeholders, who always present themselves as partners and sponsors of peace across the Mediterranean.