PM Al-Ghweil in South Africa for African Union support of Libyan-Libyan dialogue

PM Al-Ghweil in South Africa for African Union support of Libyan-Libyan dialogue

January 28, 2016 - 10:16
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Written By: AbdullahBenIbrahim

President Jacob Zuma of South African welcomed on Tuesday the Salvation Government Prime Minister, Khalifa Al-Ghweil, and his delegation in the presidential palace in the capital, Pretoria, days after a visit to Uganda’s capital, Kampala.

Al-Ghweil urged South Africa’s President to support the Libyan-Libyan dialogue, which would end up forming a unity government supported by all of the Libyans and backed by the African Union, stressing that the SG welcomes all of the efforts exerted by the United Nations in backing up the Libyan-Libyan dialogue or any agreement that meets the Libyans’ aspirations. 

President Zuma also expressed comfort over the SG visit, saying that it has come at the right time as many Libyan delegations had visited South Africa since the revolution, yet he explained that only PM Al-Ghweil had the chance to converse with him openly about the Libyan status quo.

“Mr. Al-Ghweil has proposed a down-to-earth solution to the Libyan crisis and the UN should react to his proposal with adoption, and I confirm that only Libyans can solve their problems and we, in South Africa, will support a Libyan-Libyan dialogue via the African Union.” Stated Zuma.

Zuma reaffirmed that Libya’s security and sovereignty are pivotal to South Africa, pointing that he would willingly propose a roadmap to get Libya out of the current tumult and place under the sponsorship of the African Union.

“Efforts are being exerted to prioritize Libya’s situation on the African Union’s schedule so that the best solution for its crisis, involving all warring parties, is attained, and we shall not forget the role model, Nelson Mandela and how he could save South Africa from war and put it into peace.” Zuma indicated.