Prime Minister Abdul Hamid Dbeibah on Tuesday visited the Ain Zara immigration center in Tripoli amid international concerns about the humanitarian situation of migrants in Libya.

Dbeibah was briefed on the conditions of migrants at the center and listened to explanations by the supervisors about the difficulties they face.

The PM also had conversations with some migrants to learn about their problems and the services they receive.

On Tuesday, the UN human rights office expressed concern about the "heavy-handed operations by Libyan security forces that targeted migrants and refugees" in the country, reporting that at least six people were killed during an attempt to escape a detention center in Tripoli.

On the other hand, the Government of National Unity has said it is "dealing with a complex issue in the illegal migration file, as it represents a human tragedy in addition to the social, political and legal consequences locally and internationally."

In the same context, the Presidential council spokeswoman said that refugees and migrants temporarily staying in Libya are guests, and Libya does not harm its guests, calling on the western world to assume their moral and legal responsibilities towards illegal immigrants and not forcibly return them to Libya.