Prime Minister Abdul Hamid Dbeibah received, at his residence in Rome, a group of Libyan nationals receiving treatment in Italy, including those wounded in conflicts.

The meeting was joined by Libya's ambassador, as well as the health attaches in Rome and Milan.

The health attaché in Milan briefed the PM on the number of patients and wounded who are receiving treatment in Italy and the difficulties facing them at the living, visa, and treatment levels.

Caring for the wounded is a responsibility of the government, Dbeibah said, emphasizing the need to organize this file, "which suffered from years-old corruption and problems," as he put it.

The PM informed the patients that he gave his orders to set up a mechanism to accurately document the cost of treatment, residence, and duration of each patient, which the government would authorize in their names.

He reiterated to continue to work to organize the file of the wounded and eliminate corruption and mismanagement attached to this issue.