Citizens have submitted 135 reports to police stations regarding damages resulting from the clashes in Tripoli and Janzour.

The head of the Criminal Investigation Agency issued his direct instructions regarding the assessment of the size and value of the material damages caused by the recent clashes in Tripoli and Janzour.

The assigned teams from the Department of Laboratories and Forensic Evidence, fire, financial assessment, forensic photography and weapons experts went to the affected sites to take stock of the damages caused by the clashes.

In a related development, the Military Engineering Department announced the removal of shells and war remnants from the areas that witnessed clashes in Tripoli, confirming that it had received several communications from different places, from Janzour Bridge to the neighborhoods of central Tripoli.

The Department of Military Engineering also revealed that the detachments, accompanied by the Military Ambulance and Rescue Company of the Military Medicine Service, immediately went to the areas in which notifications were received, and the remnants and shells were removed and transported to the stockpiling point in accordance with international and local standards.