Saudi Arabian authorities have rejected to grant visas for 2000 Libyan nationals, who constitute an additional number to the number allocated by Saudi Arabia for Libya this year, because their data was not sent to the Haj Ministry in Saudi Arabia.

The deputy head of the Haj Caretaker Committee at the UN-proposed government, Mohammed Abraidan, said the delay was because Al-Jabal Al-Akhdar district did not send the passports of its hajjis to Tripoli before the deadline, saying the electronic system for registering hajjis in Libya is linked to the Haj System in Saudi Arabia.

"So if Libya was able to send the data of all the hajjis all in one, then it could make use of the extra numbers Saudi Arabia gives to some countries." He indicated.

Abraidan added that the Haj Authority in Al-Bayda had refused to send the passports and data of the hajjis in Al-Jabal Al-Akhdar for it has not yet recognized the UN-proposed government and thus has used the haj committee for political ends.

More than 5000 Libyan nationals will go to the holy sites in Saudi Arabia for this year’s haj. The first flight will take off from Mitiga airport in Tripoli next Wednesday.