Libyan local media outlets published preliminary lists of the names of the mass graves' recognized bodies in Tarhouna, which had all been killed by Al-Kani militia and Khalifa Haftar's forces as they were in control of Tarhouna. The list included women, children and elderly people.

The list included 123 names, not all the bodies found in mass graves in Tarhouna, but only the ones recognized by their relatives as some graves hadn't yet been unearthed.

The list included several children, the youngest of whom was three years old, and old people, the oldest of whom were 73 years old.

In the meantime, mass graves are still being discovered in Tarhouna and other places like Qasir Benghashir in south Tripoli, with some bodies bearing marks of torture and burns, while some had been buried alive and others left to decompose in containers, wells or in the open.

The Interior Minister Fathi Bashagha said GNA had unearthed heinous crimes committed by the militias who were in control of Tarhouna, adding that the crimes are being documented, saying a container filled with burned bodies was found and that all of the bodies were for detained persons, besides the mass graves for many persons, some of whom were buried alive.

"These militias must be brought to justice and their political as well as military leaders should be held accountable." He said, adding that Libyans won't accept to have Haftar in the future of the civilian state.