The Presidency Council of the National Accord Government is controlled by the mainstream of political Islam (Muslim Brotherhood), Tobruk parliament member Talal Al-Mihoom said on Monday.

Speaking to Jordan-based Libya Channel, he said the Presidency Council is unworkable and will not take Libya to safety, calling on some council members, whom he described as  eminent, to step down and leave the Muslim Brotherhood-led council, according to him.

"The Presidency Council was formed and selected by Mohammed Amari, Ahmed Mitig and their supporters." He stated.

Al-Mihoom pointed out that Tobruk Parliament yielded to pressure from the international community to accept this Presidency Council, accusing pro-council MPs of being behind the failure to convene parliament meetings due to their absence.

"There is a systematic approach to disrupt parliament meetings for fear of overthrowing the government." He said.

Al-Mihoom reiterated his support of renegade General Khalifa Haftar's army confirming that the future of that army is non-negotiable.