The Presidential Council said in a statement on Saturday that "so-called Khalifa Haftar" is responsible for the return of ISIS to their terrorist attacks in Libya after their defeat by the operations of the Government of National Accord.

"ISIS attack in Sabha proves that the one taking the benefit of Haftar's war on Tripoli is the terrorist groups that are using security vacuum in Libya for its own gains. Haftar left the southern region in utter chaos after claiming control of it for the sake of fighting terrorism, which is his claim for Tripoli war as well." The statement reads.

The statement adds that the more the international community remains silent toward Haftar's violations the more terrorist groups will reemerge and attack innocent people in Libya.

In the meantime, the High Council of State also condemned the attack and said Haftar's aspirations for power led to chaos in the south and his attack on Tripoli worsened things as it created a security vacuum that is now used by terrorists.

Likewise, the Interior Ministry joined the condemnations of the Sabha attack, saying it will continue to fight terrorism till it is defeated.

"Our efforts to fight terrorism have been going well in line with international and regional partners, but the chaos caused by Haftar's attack on Tripoli created a tempting environment for terrorists and criminals to operate." The Interior Ministry said.

The ministry assured Libyans that it is working on securing them and their properties as well as the state institutions against any terrorist attacks.

Edia reports said ISIS issued a statement claiming responsibility for the Sabha attack that killed 9 fighters from Haftar's Brigade 166.