The Presidential Council (PC) has strongly condemned the airstrikes on Derna that left more than a dozen civilians dead and others wounded.

In a statement in the early hours of Tuesday, just hours after the airstrikes, the PC said it will not tolerate the killing and intimidation of Libyan citizens and it will soon take all available means to identify the attackers and those who are backing them.

“We have contacted the UN Security Council to intervene and investigate the incident, which amounts to a war crime”. The statement reads.

The Presidential Council called for an immediate lift of the blockade of Derna and to allow humanitarian aid into the city, adding that “the sick and wounded persons should be also allowed to leave the city for treatment”.

For his part, the President of the High Council of State, Abdul-Rahman Al-Swaihli, has called for an urgent UNSC session to adopt a firm stance against the repeated massacres in Derna and Abyar.

On Twitter, Al-Swaihli urged the UNSC to protect the civilians as per resolution 1970, adopted on 26 February 2011.

“Derna massacre is a decisive point that requires everyone to put political calculations aside and condemn the so-called "General Command" that controls the eastern region and those who support it locally and regionally”. He said.

Meanwhile, Derna Local Council has declared a three-day of mourning, describing the airstrikes as a “barbaric aggression”.

Earlier, two senior Derna Shura Council commanders Mohammed Taher and Mohammed Dango confirmed that the airstrikes were carried out by Egypt.