The Presidential Council (PC) issued a statement praising the success of "army forces" in thwarting attacks in Sabha, reaffirming that more support will be given to them in order to help them defeat the "mercenaries' attacks."

The Tuesday statement explained that any attack on Libya's army positions is an attack on the country's sovereignty, pointing out that the PC and all Libyans won't let down the country and will continue to defend it against attempts to redefine the demographic structure of the southern region.

"Southerners should stay vigilant and support army forces. Elders and dignitaries should also help resolve conflicts so the south can remain safe." The statement reads.

Sabha has been for days hit by armed clashes after the attack of armed groups that targeted Brigade 6 Infantry of Defense Ministry following the brigade command's rejection to join Khalifa Haftar's forces.

Speaking on TV, Sabha mayor Hamid Al-Khayali said that Libyan army locations and headquarters in the south had being targeted by foreign forces, adding that Sabha airport had also been entirely occupied by a foreign force, pinpointing the fact that eyewitnesses from the area saw the force fighters using "African countries' flags.

Yet, observers monitoring what is going down in southern Libya said that the clashes are tribal; namely: between Tubu tribe and Awlad Sulaiman tribe, pointing that each tribe accuses the other of enlisting the help of foreign forces to control the south with a new military approach.