The Presidential Council (PC) has welcomed the newly established ceasefire in Tripoli, applauding the national stances taken by the parties, which it said have been committed to the stoppage of violence to save the innocent any further bloodshed.

The PC added in a statement Wednesday that it wishes this military escalation would be the last, adding that the war inside Libya is a lose-lose situation.

"War among fellow citizens is a chance for terrorists to do their evil deeds, so we should always resort to wisdom in solving our conflicts." The statement reads.

The PC also hailed the ceasefire broke by the UNSMIL in Al-Zawiya, adding all parties have an opportunity to end the current conflict.

"We're going on with the security arrangements and we ask all parties to actively partake in them." The statement adds.

"It's about time we have had a real settlement of our conflicts and an end for the economic and security crises; we have made lots of steps in that route." The PC says, offering condolences for the families of the victims.

The warring parties agreed to a new ceasefire on Tuesday after a meeting in Garabulli district, vowing to freeze military operations and withdraw from newly seized locations.