The Presidential Council (PC) has welcomed the United States stance that has been expressed by the Secretary of State Mike Pompeo who urged Khalifa Haftar's forces to stop military operations and return to status quo positions.

In a statement on Monday, the PC hailed the US stance which regarded Haftar's attack on Tripoli an individual act that threatens civilians and undermines stability and political process.

The PC praised also the UN Security Council and G7's statements that condemned the attack on Tripoli and reiterated the need for peaceful solutions.

"We remain all parties of our efforts over the last years to reach agreement providing all needed concessions to avoid bloodshed in Libya. Those efforts led to many understandings among different parties and we were heading to success, but this war on Tripoli brought us back to fighting and clashes." The statement reads.

It adds that such a military operation undermines the UN-led political process as it is fueled by the high hopes for power of an individual.