The mayors of the Greater Tripoli municipalities welcomed, in their meeting with the Deputy Head of the Presidential Council, Mossa Al-Koni, on Tuesday the return to work in the governorate system, and the establishment of the Tripoli governorate, saying that decentralization provides the most effective solution to the country’s current crisis.

The mayors said that decentralization guarantees the rights of all regions and components of the Libyan people, through the governorates, by receiving their budgets to manage their projects, and to bring services closer to citizens in their areas, a statement issued by the Presidential Council said.

It added that the attending mayors appealed to the mayors of the municipalities across Libya to follow the example of Tripoli by restoring the governorate system, saying the system can achieve stability and spatial development by allocating a budget for each governorate to carry out its entrusted tasks without referring to the presidency of the government, which will devote itself in turn to accomplish the general policy of the state.

Al-Koni hailed what he described as the mayors' awareness, foresight and intellectual maturity, which are in the interest of their municipalities by providing the capabilities that qualify them to carry out their tasks in serving citizens in many fields, and allowing the central government to perform its role in following up on state affairs.

He explained that the return of governorate system is the most effective system in this stage for its contribution to building the local administration on a sound and reliable basis, achieving stability and keeping conflicts away from the capital, Tripoli, which has suffered from war repercussions over the past decade.

Al-Koni said that he would continue to hold dialogue sessions with the mayors and members of municipalities in the regions, to present his vision to introduce the governorate system to establish model governorates in accordance with the standards in force around the world.