The member of the Presidential Council (PC) Mohammed Emmari Zayed called in a meeting with the European Union's ambassador to Libya, Bettina Muscheidt, for coordination between the EU and the international community to end the encirclement of Derna city, eastern Libya.

Prime Ministry media office said the meeting on Monday tackled security in Libya and the political limbo as well as efforts to amend the political agreement.

"I condemn the siege on Derna and the suffering of civilians because of it. I feel bewildered to hear fainted voices calling for lifting the seeing on the international level." The member remarked.

Bettina Muscheidt also voiced concern over the latest violence in southern Libya.

Derna has seen over the last days more intense clashes between Derna Security Force and the self-styled army of Khalifa Haftar in eastern Libya. Several persons were reportedly killed and injured.

Derna has been besieged by the self-styled army of Khalifa Haftar for over a year disallowing the residents basic needs amid resistance by the Derna Shura Council fighters.