The member of the Presidential Council (PC) Mohamed Emari Zayed met Tuesday with the Derna Local Council's Head Awad Laerej, who reaffirmed that the city is under the umbrella of the Presidential Council government, reported the PC media office.

Laerej explained in the meeting the living conditions in Derna and the effects of the siege as well as the military operations including airstrikes and artillery shelling by Dignity Operation forces led by Khalifa Haftar.

"We urge the PC to call for a ceasefire so Derna can avoid destruction." The Head of the Local Council added.

The PC member, meanwhile, confirmed his support for Derna and denounced the silence of UNSMIL and international community regarding the ongoing escalation in the city.

"We are working on having the PC take decisions to protect civilians as per all international laws and the laws of the Libyan political agreement." Zayed explained.

The two sides also talked about the financial backup to Derna Local Council to end some of the current issues in the city.

Zayed issued Monday a statement condemning military action targeting Derna and the siege laid on the city, calling on the PC to apply the laws of the Libyan political agreement and announce a ceasefire and urging for a clear stance regarding the targeting of civilians.