The Presidential Council, as Chief Commander of the Libyan Army, met with the Chief of General Staff Mohammed Al-Haddad, Military Prosecutor, Masoud Erhouma, and Infantry Forces Chief of Staff, Faitouri Ghribel.

Spokeswoman, Najwa Wehebe, said the meeting discussed security and military developments in Libya.

Security tensions broke out in Tripoli early this week after the Presidential Council's dismissal of Tripoli Military Zone commander Abdelbasit Marwan and appointment of Abdelkader Mansour in his place.

Several brigades in Tripoli objected to the dismissal of Marwan and said the authorities would be responsible for any consequences of that decision.

The Presidential Council suspended the decision to replace Marawan on last Tuesday until a further notice but the newly appointed commander refused this suspension and said he would assume his job until an order is issued by the Chief Commander of the Army.