The Presidential Council said in a statement on Sunday that Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El Sisi's threats are rejected and they constitute a declaration of war on Libya.

The Libyan Presidential Council of the Government of National Accord said the intervention in Libyan affairs and encroachment on its sovereignty by Egyptian President El Sisi amount to a blatant violation of state sovereignty and a declaration of war, adding that the GNA is the only legitimate government in Libya and has the right to sign agreements with countries of its own choosing.

“We won’t allow Sisi to use the language of threats against the Libyan people. The red lines are drawn by the blood of the martyrs in Libya and we as the legitimate government decide the place and time of our military operations on Libyan soil.” The Presidential Council said.

The statement also said that Haftar’s supporting countries started to talk about peace and political dialogue just after Haftar’s forces had been defeated and their dictatorship and military rule project had collapsed.

"The Egyptian President's words are a violation of Libyan sovereignty and this is, along with the support of putschists and warlords, is unacceptable. The dispute among Libyans is a reality but we won't allow it to be used as a pretext to pose threats to Libyans. Libya as a whole is a red line for us and the red lines are drawn by the blood of martyrs not statements of some countries." The Presidential Council said.

It called on the international community to take up responsibility toward such hostile threats toward the Libyan people, who were threatened by Egypt's Sisi when he said Saturday that his country's army could legitimately intervene in Libya as per international laws.

Meanwhile, Libyan Army forces under GNA's command are still preparing, as part of "Doroob Al-Nasser" Operation, for the liberation of Sirte and Jufra from Haftar's forces and mercenaries.