GNC President Nuri Abu Sahmain reiterated on Thursday his rejection to the UN-imposed government of Fayaz Sirraj, saying the Libyan-Libyan dialogue is the perfect choice to solve the political crisis here.

Addressing crowds at Martyr Square during the celebration of Independence Day, he said the role of UNSMIL is give support but not instructions.

"We informed the international community that we never mind to hold the Libyan-Libyan dialogue under the umbrella of UN, but without dictations." He said.

"We will go on with our dialogue, and we are not in a position to accept any dictations." He added.

For his part, Prime Minister of Salvation Government Khalifa Al-Ghawiel refused what he called the trusteeship government, calling all Libyans to stand together to face the challenges.

During the celebration, the military brigades of the General Staff of the GNC refused to deal with Sirraj government, saying imposing it through a foreign dictation would only lead to more violence and instability.

The brigades vowed their support for the GNC and HoR initiatives to solve the crisis and select a national government that meet the aspirations of all Libyans.

Commander of the National Mobile Force Said Gojeel, one of the most powerful brigades in western Libya, told Al-Nabaa TV that his force would only comply with the orders of the General Staff of the GNC.