Pro-Haftar gunmen attack CDA members in protest of passing Libya constitution draft

Pro-Haftar gunmen attack CDA members in protest of passing Libya constitution draft

July 29, 2017 - 23:07
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

Pro-Khalifa Haftar gunmen hemmed in the headquarters of the Constitution Drafting Assembly (CDA) in Al-Bayda city in eastern Libya to protest the passing of the final Libyan constitution draft.

The Libyan constitution draft was passed after it had gotten a majority of 43 votes out of 44 attending members on Saturday afternoon.

According to the CDA member, Nadia Omran, several protesters stormed in the HQ of the CDA shortly after the approval of the draft, which won consensus by members representing Libya's three regions.

Meanwhile, the CDA member, Mohammed Al-Sari, said the constitution draft that was passed Saturday bans Haftar from being nominated for president of Libya and that is why his staunch followers attacked the CDA HQ.

According to the newly-passed draft of the Libyan constitution, the president of Libya shall not be holding a dual citizenship and if that is the case, he or she must have renounced it five years before the date of nominations to the presidency.

Other sources from the CDA also said that their Chairman was detained by gunmen and was taken to an unknown place to force him into withdrawing the constitution draft approval, threatening him and before him the members of the CDA of murder if they don't pull out the freshly-approved draft.

The members said they had taken a beating from pro-Haftar gunmen.

Al-Sidiq Al-Dersi, the CDA member, said that the draft is irrevocable after it had gotten a majority vote.

Reacting to the incident, the UNSMIL said it was disturbed by the reports of the attack on the CDA HQ, calling for allowing the CDA to work without interference or intimidation, since it is an independent elected body, according to the UNSMIL's tweet.

Meantime, local media outlets said the gunmen left the HQ and allowed the CDA members to depart.