The pro-Skhirat agreement members of the Tobruk-based House of Representatives issued a statement on Tuesday about the recent ordinances made by the UN-proposed government’s Presidential Council (PC) in which it appointed certain figures for high profile state posts.

“Qualifications are the first and foremost standard against which any official must be measured before being appointed in a state post.” The members reaffirmed in their statement, adding that they are keen on seeing Libya stable and secure without any conflicts with all of its institutions united.

They added that the posts filled by the PC need professionalism and expertise that can balance the geographical and social justices in the country leading to exacting satisfaction and unity among all Libyan parties.

“The PC has taken all of those qualifications and standards for granted and replaced them with nepotism at the expense of Libya’s best interest. It has used up Libyans money without comprehending the rudiments of financial procedures or consulting its political partners.” The statement reads, saying some of its decisions must be rethought and it must stop making any new ones, as they would hinder the progress of the political agreement.

“Al-Mijibri’s decisions and appointments are political bribery to buy the silence of the HoR MPs, who are still rejecting the political agreement, and the consequences of such overnight were very blurry for the public but crystal clear for one PC member, Mousa Al-Kouni, who resigned Monday evening.” Faraj Abu Hashim, an HoR member, said on Tuesday, saying such decisions could lead to the collapse of the political agreement.

The PC member, Fathi Al-Majibri, issued a number of decisions as the Head-designate appointing Fathallah Al-Saiti as the Chief of Intelligence Department, which led to bitter criticism. He also ordered to give 150 million dinars for the Authority of Development of Administrative Centers and ordered the appointment of Abdelkader Al-Tuhami as the Head of the Illegal Immigration Fight Center, let alone appointing a new commander for the Anti-Terrorism Force.

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