A movement named "Change #Electricity" has called on citizens to protest against the poor electric services, on Tuesday evening, under the slogan “Change them or we will change them", in reference to the General Electricity Company (GECOL) officials.

In a statement on their Facebook page, the organizers said "the negligence of officials in the electric sector has reached an unacceptable degree that requires an urgent action from the Presidential Council."

"Electricity is a right to every citizen, and one of the basic life sustenance", the statement added, calling on citizens to play a positive role and have their voices heard so as to obtain their rights guaranteed by the law.

Protesters will roam the streets of Tripoli in their vehicles due to the circumstances related to the coronavirus pandemic, according to a post published by the movement on Facebook.

The demonstrators will gather at the Andalusy roundabout of Tajoura, the eastern suburb of the capital, and will drive on to the Martyrs Square in central Tripoli.

Citizens are questioning the long hours of power outages that exceeded ten hours in some areas of Tripoli, as temperatures are mild and stable during this period, and most shops and other professional businesses, which consume large amounts of electricity are closed because of the coronavirus pandemic.