A number of civil society and local as well as syndicate institutions' activists called Sunday on the General Assembly of the Supreme Court to respect and enforce the ruling issued by the Administrative Department of the Tripoli Court of Appeal that scrapped the decision to suspend the constitutional circuit court of the Supreme Court.

The activists, who protested in front of the headquarters of the Supreme Court in Tripoli, criticized the General Assembly’s decision to extend the suspension ruling, which they described as unjust and biased against the entire country, threatening to file a complaint against the members of the General Assembly.

They also warned that the continued inflexibility about this decision would withdraw confidence in the judiciary, "destroy the pillar of justice and undermine the structure of the state", as it would be a clear contradiction to the law and the constitution, in addition to being a crime punishable by the Libyan laws.

The activists said they hold the General Assembly responsible for what they called "harming the political pillar of the Libyan state, which has become weak as a result of blatant external interventions, in addition to the bloodshed and severe damage inflicted on the Libyan people as consequences of this decision", saying  they are abiding by the decision of the Supreme Court that is issued by its constitution circuit court, which invalidates the legitimacy of the House of Representatives and calls for its dissolution.