The UN-installed government is still unable to solve these crises 

Angry locals blocked roads with burning tyres and stones in Souq Joma'a neighbourhood of Tripoli on Tuesday in protest against long-hour blackouts and lack of liquidity in the banks.

Eyewitnesses said armed protesters also stormed Libyana Mobile Phone Company, the largest in the country, and Libya Telecom and Technology (LTT) - the main internet service provider- both are located opposite to Abu Sittah Naval Base where the UN-proposed government was located, and ordered all employees to leave. There are reports that Abu Sittah Naval Base has been also stormed.

The protest came 1 day after the UN-proposed government relocated to the main government building in Sikah street, about 5km away from Abu Sittah Naval Base.

Libya is facing a severe cash crisis with bank customers queuing for long hours a day to only get LYD200, which is not enough to deal with the daily needs of people.

Tripoli, in the meantime, is going through long hours of power outages that reach 10 hours a day amid extreme summer heat waves coupled with high humidity.