Sources from Barsis town, some 57 km to the east of Benghazi, said that a number of local young men protested on Tuesday afternoon closing the main road between Benghazi and the rest of the east.

The protest was against a force led by Khalid Khalifa Haftar that attacked Kwefiyah prison and abducted its chief from the Awaqir tribe.

According to the sources, the protesters also called for the release of Faraj Eqaim, the Deputy Interior Minister of Tripoli government, who is detained at one of Haftar`s prisons.

Meanwhile, a member of the Council of Elders of Awaqir, Saad Raqraq, said in a televised statement that the protesters were not demanding the release of Faraj Eqaim, but to protest the high prices of animal feed.

Raqraq, who is very loyal to Khalifa Haftar, claimed that Eqaim is being treated very well at his prison.

Earlier, a force led by Khalid Khalifa Haftar demolished the checkpoint and main gate of Barsis town, causing anger and condemnation from Awaqir young men, who issued more than three video statements demanding the immediate release of Faraj Eqaim.