Libya's Fatwa House announced on Tuesday the legality of protests and sit-ins as a fashionable style people might use to lift injustice and to ask for their rights.

The top religious body in the country stipulated in a statement posted on its official webpage that practicing the right to protest and claim rights should not harm the public rights.

It also alerted protesters of aggression on people's properties, blocking roads, or disrupting services and vital institutions like schools, hospitals, bakeries and oil institutions.

The Fatwa comes following teachers' strike, who are demanding salary increase and health insurance.

The Salvation government has already boosted the teachers' monthly salaries with an LYD 300 increase to meet the teachers' demands.

The average salary for teachers is LYD 600 a month.

The Fatwa House urged protesters to avoid the education sector calling on the government to consider the teachers reasonable demands and simultaneously requested the teachers to suspend their strike, and go back to their schools.