Sudan's capital Khartoum saw protests on Sunday in front of the UAE's embassy for Abu Dhabi's recruitment of Sudanese nationals as mercenaries fighting in Libya and Yemen.

According to the families of the victims, an Emirati firm called Black Shield offered Sudanese nationals jobs in the UAE as security guards for hospitals and malls, which was also revealed by Emirati Affairs Website, citing Al Jazeera Mubashar as saying one of the Sudanese victim families called on the country's transitional government to intervene after a member of the family was lured to the UAE and forced into a military training camp three months ago.

Sudanese social media platforms shared images of samples of contracts offered to Sudanese nationals to work as security guards in the UAE by the Black Shield security company; the documents have been stamped by the Emirati embassy in Khartoum, according to the report.
The activists said the UAE firm had an agent I Khartoum and he helped recruit about 3000 to supposedly work as security guards in the UAE.

The Guardian reported on December 25, 2019 the involvement of UAE in transferring mercenaries to fight in Libya, saying a new wave had arrived to fight for Khalifa Haftar - Abu Dhabi's ally in Libya.