Protesters in Houn town stormed Thursday into a building of Khalifa Haftar's forces to urge for the departure of Russian Wagner Group and Sudanese Janjaweed's mercenaries amid mounting attacks against the townspeople, a source has reported.

The source, who asked to remain unnamed, said the protest came after the burial of Ayman Abu Gasisa who was killed by a Janjaweed mercenary fighter in the town. The protesters called for bringing the mercenary fighter responsible for the man's death to justice and dismissing all other mercenary fighters from the town.

Several residents from Houn also staged a civil disobedience after the killing of Ayman Abu Gasisa, who is the victim number six of such murders by Haftar's forces and foreign mercenaries.

Haftar's Wagner Group and Janjaweed mercenaries, along with others from different countries, have been positioned in Jufra after escaping western Libya in last June.