The Public Prosecution unfreezed bank accounts of 35 commercial companies, along with the accounts of those in charge of the companies, after investigations conducted by the Public Prosecutor’s Office regarding the commission of financial corruption crimes.

The Central Bank of Libya (CBL) requested managers of commercial and private banks to freeze the accounts of commercial companies and their owners, explaining that the accounts are for Al-Sahel Holding and Shawat Holding groups.

The CBL said that the investigations proved the involvement of the two groups in corruption cases related to the embezzlement case at Al-Waha Commercial Bank. The CBL said that it should get original copies of the financing files granted to the companies.

Meanwhile, the Public Prosecutor's Office jailed the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Al Waha Bank and other officials of the bank, pending investigation, on charges of illegally giving credit worth 1 billion and 225 million dinars. It indicated that measures were taken to arrest the defendants who were at large and to prevent the disposal of funds and real estate owned by all of the accused, in addition to keeping track of the funds given to their spouses and children.