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Tunisian authorities said Monday morning that Ras Ajdair border with Libya is closed for security reasons following the clashes in Ben Gardane district that is located on the outskirts of the Libyan-Tunisian border.

The Head of the Ras Ajdair Libyan security checkpoint, Mohammed Jarrafa, said the closing of the border is going to continue until the armed clashes between the Tunisian army and an armed group in Tunisia’s Ben Gardane end.

“The situation is normal on the border and the travelers are safe on both sides of the border.” Jarrafa remarked.

Relatedly, the Libyan National Salvation Government told the Libyan citizens to be aware of the Ras Ajdair border closure and advised them not to travel until a further notice.

Ben Gerdane, which lies at the Libyan-Tunisian order, has seen heavy clashes Monday morning between Tunisia’s army and an armed group leaving several dead and injured.