Red Crescent: Bodies continue to be found in Benghazi landfills without investigations

Red Crescent: Bodies continue to be found in Benghazi landfills without investigations

September 03, 2017 - 20:52
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

The Red Crescent of Benghazi said that bodies are still being found in landfills, adding that those bodies were for people killed in gunshots while their hands tied and they had clear torture marks on them.

The Red Crescent in Benghazi told the Tripoli branch in a letter in late August that no investigation was allowed into the issue and that since the start of the year, bodies have been seen in landfills and elsewhere as murders and assassinations continue to be registered "culprit unknown cases." In the city.

"The former Gaddafi opposition figure, Fathi Zidan, was the latest of the victims as he was shot dead. Number of bodies found in landfills reached 44, 39 of which were identified and all of them were registered as unknown cases." The REd Crescent said.

The International Criminal Court (ICC) has issued an arrest warrant of the notorious senior commander of Al-Saiqa Force of Dignity Operation, Mahmoud Al-Werfalli, over war crimes he committed in and around Benghazi.

The ICC clarified that Al-Werfalli has been accused of personally shooting or ordering the execution of people who were either civilians or injured fighters in at least seven incidents in 2016 and 2017, saying he is responsible for the killing of 33 persons.

Human Rights Watch (HRW) told BBC last March that it had talked to civilians who were arrested by Haftar's forces in Benghazi.

HRW's researcher Hanan Saleh said that eastern gunmen and forces violated all the laws and conventions and they are accused of killing civilians and disfiguring the bodies of their opponents as well as attacking people without any sense of responsibility.

Summary executions continue since the start of Dignity Operation in Benghazi with no investigation efforts by security and military forces in the region, amid local and international legal and government condemnations.